Advanta 6 Leg 3 Season Sleep System


Complete 3 season sleep system
6 adjustable legs with mud feet
Bed chair uses thermal fleece lining throughout
Cover uses a mix of fleece and peach skin materials
Multi-layer hollow fibre construction
Flat frame profile design (No handwheel)
Anti-draft baffles
Oversized crash zips
Adjustable lumbar support system
Dimensions: 210 x 80cm, 33-45cm
Weight: 12.2kg
Max weight: 120kg
Colour: Green



Advanta 3 Season Sleep System 6 Leg,
The Advanta 3 season sleep system offers both comfort and support to anglers who fish during the spring, summer, and autumn months. The Advanta 3 season bag features a totally flat profile bed chair with a single layer thermal cover that fits directly to the bed removing the need for a separate sleeping bag, saving both time setting up and space in the car and on the barrow. The bed is built around a standard size fame that will fit into any bivvy or umbrella system making it very versatile. The Advanta 3 season sleep system also features a fully adjustable lumbar support system on the underside. The elastics can be set to your required tension to provide exactly the right amount of support for you. The bed chair features 6 independently adjustable legs with mud feet, this is essential when fishing on sloping terrain.


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