Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Memory Foam Bedchair


Lightweight and durable aluminium/steel frame
Removable, fleece covered memory foam mattress for the ultimate in comfort
Large underside zipped wallet/valuables pocket
Six individually height adjustable legs using Push n Lock Leg Mechanisms
Captive Leg System
Grip-Hold Leg System
Level-Find Mud Feet
Fully adjustable hand wheel mechanism
Size: 213cm (L) x 86cm (W)
Total weight: 12.2kg



Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Memory Foam Bedchair
Exclusive to Angling Direct, this Six Leg Memory Foam Bedchair forms part of the exceptional Endurance range from Advanta. We all know that being comfortable on the bank can make a huge impact on your angling success (or otherwise) and this bedchair uses a whole range of top notch technology in order to ensure that you can enjoy a blissful night of rest on the bank.
First things first, this bedchair uses memory foam in its mattress. Memory foam is a significantly more comfortable material than traditional foam as it literally moulds to the shape of your body, offering you the precision support where you need it the most. Long gone are the days of waking up with a stiff neck and back after a poor night’s sleep – with this Advanta Bedchair you’ll wake up from a fully rested night raring to fish! The memory foam mattress is completely removable, too. This ensures that it is exceptionally easy to clean, should it fall victim to the general dirt and grime which comes part and parcel with life on the bankside. This bedchair has been designed for use year round and the mattress on this chair ahs been fleece covered. This is perfect for all your cold weather angling – as you’re likely to encounter as a UK angler – as it helps to further insulate the bedchair, trapping your body heat against the bedchair in order ensure that you can enjoy a warm night of undisturbed sleep on the bank in even the coldest conditions. Another comfort feature that the Advanta Endurance Bedchair boasts is its padded skirt – you won’t get an uncomfortable surprise in the night should you roll towards the edge of this bedchair!
The frame of the Advanta Endurance Six Leg Memory Foam Bedchair is ultra-lightweight and incredibly durable. This ensures that this bedchair is exceptionally easy to transport and, weighing in at a mere 12.2kg, you can simply pop this bedchair onto your barrow for simply transportation down to your swim. This bedchair is robust enough to ensure that even the most robust of anglers are able to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on the bank. With 213cm of length and 86cm of width, this bedchair is spacious and can accommodate the tallest and widest of anglers with ease. However, it is also able to fit into most bivvies and brollies with ease – ensuring that it is perfect for both the roving carper and the session angler.
With six legs, this bedchair offers outstanding stability. To further improve its stability Advanta has included the addition of swivel mud feet on each of its legs. This ensures that, no matter the terrain, this bed won’t wobble in the night with your every movement. Not only this, but each of the six legs are independently adjustable. This allows you to ensure that you have a completely flat lay so you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. One of the biggest benefits of this bedchair is its cam-wheel adjustable recline. If you’re lounging on your bedchair in between takes, you can crank this up to give yourself top quality back support. This makes it the ideal option for the angler who likes to travel with a little less gear as it provides a multi-purpose alternative to the classic day chair. The underside of this bed contains a large zipped pocket. This is the ideal place for you to store all your valuables, including any cash that you might have on the bank.
If you’re looking for an ultra-comfortable bedchair that will enable you to enjoy an astounding night’s sleep on the bank then you’ll love this Advanta Endurance Six Leg Memory Foam Bedchair. It forms an excellent addition to the growing Advanta range and it will be an exceptional bankside companion for the dedicated carp angler.


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