Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Session Bedchair


Lightweight and durable aluminium/steel frame
Improved mattress system providing even better comfort
Removable fleece covered mattress
Removable inner bed cushion
Six individually height adjustable legs – using Push ‘n’ Lock Leg Mechanisms for total stability and ease of use
Captive Leg System – the inner part of the leg cannot become detached
Grip-Hold Leg System – retaining grips holding the leg system locked against the frame when in use
Level-Find Mud Feet
Fully adjustable hand wheel mechanism
Size: 213cm (L) x 83.5cm (W)
Total weight: 10.4kg



Enjoy the Advanta advantage on your overnight sessions, with the sturdy comfort of the Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Session Bedchair. Offering you a surface that’s designed to ensure a good night’s sleep, an improved mattress system includes a removable inner bed cushion, for soft, supportive relaxation, and a removable fleece covered mattress, for all-season warmth. Tailor your sleeping arrangements to suit the weather and your preferences, and reap the benefits of approaching a session well-rested, and ready for action.
An ideal introduction to the pleasures of overnight sessions, the Endurance bedchair will enhance the experience of anglers at all levels – so don’t feel it’s just for novices! Even if you’ve been fishing for years, the practical comfort and angling convenience that’s on offer throughout the Endurance range, and from all Advanta products, will give your angling ambitions a boost, and set every session up for focused success.
A Push ‘n’ Lock leg system allows you to adjust each leg on the bedchair individually, easily compensating for uneven banks and gravel set ups, and creating an unrivalled stability in the face of a host of challenging conditions. While you’re on your way to the bank, or during those times you don’t need your bedchair, Advanta’s Captive Leg System grips each of the six legs against the bedchair’s frame, holding them securely out of the way, and helping to avoid damage. This increases the longevity of your bedchair, and ensures that your investment in the Advanta Endurance Session Bedchair is money well spent. Mud feet are designed to find the most level position on any terrain, backing up the leg-by-leg adjustment for a strong, stable, reliable night’s sleep, wherever your fishing finds you.
The Endurance 6 Leg Session Bedchair provides an impressive sleeping space, of 213cm x 83.5cm, making it a comfortable, accommodating option for almost any angler, and an affordable addition to a quality bivvy set up. The mattress is designed for supportive comfort, and to ensure that only your bite alarms, and not those biting bankside breezes, will cut through your beauty sleep.
Settle down on the Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Session Bedchair, and wake refreshed, revitalised, and ready to get catching! At just 10.4kg, this bedchair is easy to barrow out to any swim; there really is no reason not to take advantage of this ultimate expression of angling comfort from Advanta.


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