Advanta Heavy Duty Bivvy Peg Set x10 & Camo Pouch


10 x Heavy duty bivvy pegs
Hardened steel construction
Shaped handle for easy removal of the tent pegs from hard ground
Supplied in a hardwearing Camo pouch



Advanta Heavy Duty Bivvy Peg Set & Camo Pouch (10pcs),
Replace or upgrade your regular pegs with this set of 10 heavy duty bivvy pegs. With their reinforced construction they are ideal for tents, bivvies, netting, and more. Supplied in a handy pouch for easy and safe transport and storage. When installing a peg, the peg should always be pushed into the ground at a 45-degree angle towards the item. This will ensure they provide your item with optimum strength, stability, and wind-resistance.


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