Advanta Protector Straight Six Bed


A feature-packed bed that offers fantastic value
Aluminium and steel frame combination
Providing superior strength in key areas whilst still being lightweight
Can be used in a totally flat profile
Dual fold bracket system, providing space for a sleeping bag
Can be left attached whilst in transit
Generously padded mattress with perimeter padding over the frame
Fully adjustable lumbar support system
Rope instead of elastic to choose preferred mattress setting
Six individually height-adjustable legs
Push n Lock Leg Mechanisms for total stability and ease of use
Captive Leg System (the inner part of the leg cant become detached)
Grip-Hold Leg System (locks the leg system against the frame when in use)
Level-Find Mud Feet
Quick to set up and pack away due to a strap and clip retaining system
Rated to 130kg
Weight: 9.1kg
Dimensions: 210cm L x 80cm W x 32-44cm H



You get the odd red-letter day, but for the most part fishing requires patience and perseverance, both of which are influenced by a decent nights sleep.
The latest bedchair offering from Advanta, the Protector Straight Six Bed provides a feature packed bedchair at a reasonable price, something the Advanta brand has become synonymous with.
the generously padded mattress and perimeter padding on the frame ensure a comfortable nights sleep. Working in conjunction with this is a fully adjustable lumbar support system which utilises rope instead of elastic to provide greater support for your back.
The Straight Six also utilises a lightweight construction, the aluminium and steel frame offers both low weight and great strength, the dual fold bracket system allows for a sleeping bag to be folded up inside the bedchair during transit and results in the Straight Six being the perfect bedchair for the roving angler. One of the problems you can be presented with whilst on the bank is stability, locating level ground can be problematic, but fear not the Straight Six has height adjustable mud feet to combat this. All 6 legs are height adjustable, utilising a Push n Lock system for complete stability, the leg system is also captive meaning the leg inners cannot drop out. When in use the legs lock against the frame, the Grip-Hold system offers greater stability, combatting the most unaccommodating of bankside slopes.


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