Anaconda Tablet Holder


Ideal for the contemporary carp angler
Easily attaches to bedchairs or bivvy poles
Practical, simple convenience



If you’re a long-stay carper, you want your bivvy to be a home away from home, and that will often include taking a tablet with you, whether to display the footage from your Deeper, study new and improved casting techniques, or simply kick back and relax with your favourite shows during the inevitable lulls where, whatever the carp are up to, it doesn’t include you.
However, getting a tablet set up safely and securely on the bank isn’t easy. You want it where you can see the screen clearly, but you don’t want to run the risk of your expensive piece of tech taking a tumble, and ending up either in the water, or smashed on the ground of the bankside.
The Anaconda Tablet Holder gives you a firm grip and secure hold, fixing easily to any piece of bankside furniture – such as your bedchair – and keeps your device just where you need it, allowing you to relax, and keep yourself amused while you wait for the action to heat up.
Simple and practical, this tablet holder is geared towards the modern campaign carp angler.


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