Aqua DPM Atom Bed System


Our first-ever bed system is now available in the camouflage DPM pattern
Engineered for ultimate mobility and optimum comfort, making this the perfect system for mobile anglers
Self-inflating mattress offers maximum tailored comfort and minimum weight
Aluminium construction with six legs makes the bed lightweight and strong
Double-hinged technology offers a completely flat profile and compact pack-down
Adjustable lumbar support further enhances tailored comfort
Unique patented leg mechanism simply push the button and it drops into position
Central Velcro strips allow attachment and removal of the sleeping bag
Rotating mud feet
Super-quick to use: simply unclip and unfold
Technical Specification
Material: Aluminum frame, 100% polyester
Bed weight: 6.9kg
Bed System weight: 11kg
Dimensions: Open: 210cm (L) x 75cm (W) Closed: 80cm (L) x 80cm (W)
Leg Height: 26cm – 33cm adjustable



Aqua DPM Atom Bed System,
Our first-ever bed system is now available in the camouflage DPM pattern, and it forms an important part of the exciting Atom concept. Born from a firm focus for creating a bed system that offers the perfect balance between mobility and comfort, the DPM Atom Bed System has been designed and developed to sit low under compact shelters to offer optimum performance for the mobile anglers. The DPM Atom Bed System comprises a low-profile aluminium frame with six legs for even weight distribution, and a fully adjustable lumbar support. The mattress is self-inflating, so it utilises air to tailor the comfort and save as much weight as possible overall. Combine this with the 3-season sleeping bag made from performance-grade AQUATEXX and advanced hollowfibre fillings, and this is the perfection solution for discerning modern anglers. Sleeping Bag Features DPM performance-grade Aquatexx outer for optimum protection against the elements. Hollow-core fibre filling traps air inside for increased heat retention. Smooth polyester lining for easy movement and reduced friction. External and internal baffles stop warm air exiting and cold air penetrating the zips. Easy-exit crash zips. Shark-foot baffle increases space at the foot end without increasing the size of the bag. Pillow retainer on the base layer. Mesh head and foot pockets to secure the sleeping bag in position. Velcro side wings attach the sleeping bag to the bed mattress. Assembly Fully fold out the two middle legs first, and then simply unclip and unfold the bed. The single legs at the head and foot end unscrew and pivot into place; screw to tighten in the desired position. The self-inflating mattress has a purge valve at the head end simply unscrew and the mattress will inflate. The first time this is done will take longer due to it being folded up for a period of time. Simply tighten the valve back up once the desired firmness is achieved. When folding up the bed, the head end folds first, and then the foot end, due to smaller hinge at the head end. The sleeping bag has a wash label inside; however, the washing instructions are: machine wash at 40; do not bleach, do not dry-clean. For optimum performance, tumble dry low.


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