Aqua F12 DPM Fishing Trousers


High-quality fabric
Water resistant
Wind resistant
Sizes available: Medium, Large, XL and XXL



Some of the best fishing trousers in the world are made by Aqua, and they’re called DPM F12s. For the modern-day carp angler, the Aqua F12 DPM Trousers come with a variety of features to help keep the wearer dry and comfortable. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand water, wind, or other elements outside their range without sacrificing comfort for durability.
These level 9 protection magical trousers come with a range of high-tech fabrics to deliver on various functionalities: durability for when you need it most; breathability so your legs stay cool as heck all day long thanks to ventilation panels. Sizes include mediums through XXL.


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