Avid Carp Stormshield Bedchair Bag


Fully waterproof protection for your bedchair or sleep system
Protection against the elements during transport
Ideal choice for boat anglers
With shoulder strap and carry handles
Easy to transport
Standard Dimensions: 95cm x 83cm x 30cm
XL Dimensions: 105cm x 90cm x 30cm



If you regularly use a boat to get over to more isolated swims where there’s still a bit of bank to set up for an overnighter or extended session, you want to be able to get a bedchair out to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep without risking it getting wet. That’s where a bedchair bag, designed to offer complete, waterproof protection for your sleep system, comes in. Designed to enable your stored bedchair to be stowed flat in the back of the boat, a bedchair bag gives you complete peace of mind that, by the time you’re ready to set up on the bank, your sleeping area will still be perfectly dry.
Available in two sizes, Standard (95cm x 83cm x 30cm) and XL (105cm x 90cm x 36cm), the Avid Carp bedchair is ideal for almost any size of bedchair, ensuring that you will always be comfortable and dry, no matter how rough the weather and water conditions get. As well as being uncomfortable if you have to sleep on it, a damp bedchair is also a bedchair that’s already beginning to rot. With a good quality bedchair bag, you can be assured of a comfortable, dry night’s rest, and of a bedchair that will last you well into your fishing future.
The bag features a shoulder strap and carry handles, making it effortless to transport from boat to bank, and giving you the option of keeping your hands completely free.
A forward-thinking, future-focused brand, Avid Carp are dedicated to providing products to enhance your angling experience, from the most technological fishing assistance kit, to simple, sanity-saving accessories such as covers and bags for bedchairs and sleep systems.
With a rigorous testing process for all their products, equipment from Avid Carp is equipment you can rely on in any angling conditions. Producing the tackle for the anglers of tomorrow, today, Avid Carp is certainly a brand to look out for if you want practical accessories that won’t let you down, and won’t break the bank.


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