Fox 2 Tier Bivvy Table


2 tier bivvy table for organising essential items
moulded lightweight design
Allows the legs to fold into the table perimeter
Extremely slim when stored, total depth 2.6cm
Spring loaded quick action locking legs
Measurements 38cm x 57cm, tier 13cm x 49cm
Height 32cm 50cm
Weight 1.8kg



Fox 2 Tier Bivvy Table,
2 tier bivvy table for organising essential items and features a moulded lightweight design that allows the legs to fold into the table perimeter.
Fox 2 Tier Bivvy Table
Angling isn’t just about casting and reeling. It’s also about ensuring you have the right setup to keep your essentials organised. Every angler knows the struggle of keeping their gear tidy, especially on those longer sessions by the water. The Fox 2 Tier Bivvy Table is tailored to cater to this need, offering a functional and well-thought-out design to help both new and seasoned anglers maintain an orderly workspace.
At its core, the Fox 2 Tier Bivvy Table provides a dual-layer platform, giving you ample room to segregate and organise your items. Whether it’s bait, tackle, or even your afternoon sandwich, this table ensures everything has its place. Its second tier, measuring 13cm x 49cm, offers a dedicated space for those items you need to have at hand more frequently.
Functionality aside, it’s the construction and design details of this table that really shine. Made with a moulded lightweight design, it ensures that while you have a sturdy surface, you’re not burdened with unnecessary weight. Weighing in at a mere 1.8kg, it won’t be a strain to include in your fishing kit.
A notable feature that sets the Fox 2 Tier Bivvy Table apart from its competitors is the ability for its legs to fold neatly into the table perimeter. This is an absolute boon for anglers who are constantly on the move. Why? Because when stored, the table assumes an extremely slim profile with a total depth of just 2.6cm. This means no bulky items taking up precious space, and ease of storage even in the most compact of fishing bivvies.
One might wonder if such a slim design could be sturdy enough, especially when it’s laden with gear. The Fox 2 Tier Bivvy Table dispels such doubts with its spring-loaded quick action locking legs. Once they snap into place, the table stands firm, promising stability in a variety of terrains, from river banks to lakesides. The table’s height, adjustable between 32cm and 50cm, ensures it can be set to a comfortable level irrespective of the angler’s seating arrangement.
Overall Measurements: 38cm x 57cmSecond Tier: 13cm x 49cmHeight Range: 32cm – 50cmWeight: 1.8kg


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