Guru Bait Box


Smart and practical in Guru Colours
Tight fitting lids
Stackable to save space for storage
Choice of lids in the 1 pint version for pellets or maggots



The Guru Bait Boxes are a must-have for many match anglers. With a wide choice of baits on the market and the large quantities match anglers tend to take for a day session you need to store your live baits in the best way possible. The design of the bait boxes makes them easy to stack and store in luggage bags. The ventilated lids are easy to click in place and remove but offer a sealed closure for minimal spillage. The ventilation holes make the boxes perfect for transporting your live baits from bait shop to the bankside. There is also a 1-pint solid lid version for pellets, corn etc.
There are 3 sizes of box available, 1 pint, 2.2 pint, and 3.3 pint. The single pint boxes are useful for measuring precise quantities of bait when you are fishing venues with strict bait limits.


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