Saber terrain rod pod

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Saber Terrain Rod Pod

Key Features

  • Front bar size 30 cm
  • Rear bar size 27 cm
  • Pod extends from 43 cm – 64 cm
  • Bank stick size 19 cm & 25 cm each extending to approx double the size
  • Distance between banksticks when on pod 14cm
  • Weight 1kg


  • Can be used as single sticks: front and back ‘singles’ set up or as a conventional pod.
  • Weight
  • Material: anodized alloy


  • The old model

Video review

My review Saber terrain rod pod

Review rod pod Saber terrain

The Saber Terrain rod pod is a popular choice among anglers who prefer a stable and adjustable setup for their fishing rods. The pod is made up of several components, including the main frame, buzz bars, and banksticks. These components are designed to be durable and easy to assemble.

To assemble the Saber Terrain rod pod, simply attach the buzz bars and banksticks to the main frame. The buzz bars can be adjusted to accommodate different rod lengths, while the banksticks can be extended or shortened to suit the height of the angler and the depth of the pond. Once assembled, the Saber Terrain rod pod provides a sturdy platform for fishing rods, allowing anglers to keep their rods steady and secure while waiting for a bite. The pod can be used on both soft and hard ground, making it a versatile option for anglers who fish in different environments.

Overall, the Saber Terrain rod pod is a well-designed and reliable choice for anglers who want a stable and adjustable setup for their fishing rods. Its durable components and easy assembly make it a popular choice among anglers.

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