Special sets for Fishing

  1. Korum Bopper and Gloves Bundle:
    The Korum Bopper and Gloves Bundle is a comprehensive fishing gear package that includes the innovative Korum Bopper along with a set of quality gloves. The Korum Bopper is a specialized float designed for effective bite indication, ensuring you never miss a subtle nibble. The accompanying gloves provide comfort and protection during fishing sessions, making this bundle an ideal choice for anglers seeking a complete and practical solution.
  2. Ridgemonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat Bundle:
    The Ridgemonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat Bundle is a premium package tailored for anglers who prioritize precision bait delivery. This bundle features the Ridgemonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat, renowned for its advanced features and reliability in navigating waters to precisely drop bait at desired locations. This comprehensive bundle equips anglers with the essential tools needed for a successful and efficient fishing experience.
  3. The Avenger Fishing Bag Bundle:
    The Avenger Fishing Bag Bundle is a versatile and practical package designed for anglers on the go. This bundle includes the Avenger Fishing Bag, a well-crafted and spacious bag with multiple compartments for organizing fishing tackle and accessories. Perfect for anglers who value organization and convenience, this bundle ensures that essential gear is easily accessible during fishing trips.
  4. The Sticky Bait & Beanie Bundle:
    The Sticky Bait & Beanie Bundle combines quality bait with a stylish beanie, offering anglers both functional and fashionable elements. Featuring Sticky Bait, known for its high-quality and effective bait formulations, paired with a comfortable and branded beanie, this bundle caters to the angler’s practical needs while adding a touch of style to their fishing attire.
  5. The Betaine Green Bait Bundle:
    The Betaine Green Bait Bundle is a specialized collection catering to anglers seeking a targeted bait solution. This bundle includes a selection of bait products formulated with Betaine Green, a proven attractant known for its effectiveness in luring fish. Anglers can enjoy the convenience of a ready-made bait solution to enhance their chances of a successful and rewarding fishing experience. And more…