Angling Technics Microcat HD + Echo Sounder Bait Boat


Less interference and no more clashing with other users
Two ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance motors
Fast, efficient, and quiet
Excellent for all baits including particles
Two hoppers can be individually or simultaneously opened
Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse
Echo sounder acceptable: Yes
Size: 690mm x 370 mm x 220mm
Weight: 9kg – HD batteries (approx.)
Running time (at max speed): 120 + minutes – HD batteries
Payload capacity of 4kg



Angling Technics Microcat HD + Echo Sounder,
The Microcat HD has been developed to incorporate various changes to previous Microcats. We have changed the water jet propulsion to propeller and installed a controllable spotlight at the front of the boat to aid visibility at night. The profile of the hull has been changed to allow the boat to sit higher out of the water thus keeping the hoppers well clear of the water line. The Microcat HD is supplied with heavy duty 12Ah batteries giving a boat running time of 2+ hours per charge and is some 10%+ faster than Microcats.


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