Angling Technics Microcat MKIII with Graphic Echo Sounder


Ultrasonic jet pumps
Stable catamaran hull
Twin hopper design
Excellent for all baits
Six ultra bright LED’s
4kg bait capacity
70 minute running time



Angling Technics Microcat MK3 with Graphic Echo Sounder The Mircocat MKIII is the first boat released in the Mircocat range and is a follow up to the already incredibly successful Procat and Technicat MKII boat ranges. With a low and wide profile design, which sits on a catamaran hull, this boat is the most stable that Angling Technics have ever produced and can perform well even in choppy waters. The low profile also enables the boat to be driven under low hanging foliage with ease, allowing for rigging in areas that would otherwise be unfishable. Propelled by two ultrasonic jet pumps, the Microcat MKIII can run at full speed for up to 45 minutes on standard batteries and a whopping 70 minutes on HD batteries. Able to hold up to 4kg of bait across its two hoppers, you are able to distribute vast quantities of bait directly to your quarry. The hoppers can be opened individually, allowing you to distribute bait widely over an area, or simultaneously, for a huge direct hit of bait to one specific area. Unlike other bait distribute systems, the hoppers can house particles of all sizes without spillage. The boat is operated via a 2.4Ghz FM 4 channel radio system, which has significantly less interference than other radio operated systems. The receiving aerial is housed internally, reducing the risk of catching on overhanging foliage near the water’s edge. This internal aerial system doesn’t impact the Microcat MKIII’s range in any way. The boat also features six multi-coloured remote controlled LED lights, which can be switched on in low light situations to aid with boat visibility. This edition of the Mircocat MKIII is fitted with a Graphic Echo Sounder. This is a handheld system that gives a detailed graphical description of the water bed, making it incredibly easy to quickly locate features under the surface of the water. This in turn enables the angler to make very accurate decisions regarding the location of the fish. With a range that equals that of the Microcat MKIII, this sounder can locate features up to 12m deep and has a staggering 25 hours of battery life.


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