Angling Technics Spotlight


A powerful, removable torch
Has an independent power supply
Can be used with any boats
Designed for additional lighting at night



If you have a bait boat, you’ll appreciate the added benefit of being able to use it effectively at night, which is exactly what this Angling Technics Spotlight offers. Suitable for use with any bait boat, not just the Angling Technics range, this powerful torch has its own integrated power supply, and can be used as a torch as well as a bait boat spotlight.
Sleekly styled, this spotlight will pack easily in your bait boat bag, or in a rucksack, and gives you the ability to continue a full and effective session long after the last light has faded. Bait boats allow you to take bait out to spots you wouldn’t be able to cast to, ensuring that your campaign is being run effectively, and giving you the best chance of success. With many larger fish choosing to feed from dusk onwards, a spotlight on your bait boat allows you to target them right where they are, right when they want to feed.


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