Angling Technics Techicat MkII Bait Boat with Lithium Battery


Dimensions: 64cm x 40cm x 22cm Weight (Kgs): 6 Standard Batteries Lithium Boat Batteries 7.4 volt 20 Ah Hoppers: 1 ∙ Bait Capacity: 3kgs Propulsion: Propellers Radio Frequency: 2.4 Ghz FM Echo Acceptable: Yes Continuous Running: 4.5 Hours (approx) The boat has no external boat aerial – as it is mounted internally The boat is supplied with a “standard” boat bag Capable of charging from “flat” in 6.5 hours (approx)
Lithium Boat battery 7.4 Volt 20 Ah. Made in the UK
Built in BMS (Battery Management System)
Prevent Overcharging
Over Discharging
Over voltage
Balance the battery internally
Built in “Battery Meter”
A series of 5 Leds from flat to full Red LED = 0%
Red LED + 1 Blue LED = 0% to 25%
Red LED + 2 blue LED = 25% to 50%
Red LED + 3 blue LED = 50% to 75%
Red LED + 4 Blue LED = 75% to 100%
Supplied with “safety Information”



Features continuous Running: 4.5 Hours (approx). The boat has no external boat aerial – as it is mounted internally and is supplied with a “standard” boat bag.
Capable of charging from “flat” in 6.5 hours (approx). Includes a lithium Boat battery 7.4 Volt 20 Ah which is made in the UK and features a built in BMS (Battery Management System).Angling Technics Technicat MkII Bait Boat with Lithium Battery serves as a reliable companion for both seasoned and novice anglers navigating UK waters. With dimensions of 64cm x 40cm x 22cm, it is compact yet robust, designed to efficiently transport bait to your desired fishing location with precision and ease.
Weighing 6 kg with standard batteries and operating with Lithium Boat Batteries at 7.4 volts and 20 Ah, this bait boat offers enduring performance without compromising on its bait capacity. The Technicat MkII comes equipped with a single hopper capable of holding up to 3 kgs of bait, making it ideal for those lengthy fishing sessions.
Driven by a propeller-based propulsion system, the boat assures smooth sailing over various water surfaces, providing stable and consistent movement toward your target fishing spots. Its radio frequency, set at 2.4 Ghz FM, guarantees responsive and interference-free control at your fingertips.
With a continuous running time of approximately 4.5 hours, anglers have ample opportunity to position and reposition bait, optimizing chances for a successful catch. Once depleted, the built-in lithium battery can be swiftly recharged from the flat within approximately 6.5 hours, ensuring you’re ready for the next fishing adventure in no time.
Notably, the Technicat MkII Bait Boat is echo-compatible, allowing anglers to utilise echo sounders efficiently for locating fish. This integration supports anglers in making informed decisions on where to direct the bait boat, enhancing the overall fishing experience.
The absence of an external aerial enhances the boat’s sleek design as it is thoughtfully mounted internally. This internal placement not only contributes to the bait boat’s aesthetic but more importantly, offers protection against potential damage while navigating through tight spots or rough conditions.
Moreover, the bait boat comes with a standard boat bag, simplifying transportation and storage. This addition safeguards your investment from the elements and accidental impacts when not in use.
A distinct feature of this model is its UK-made lithium boat battery, known for reliability and longevity. The battery incorporates a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS). This integral system meticulously prevents overcharging, over-discharging, and over-voltage, effectively extending the battery’s life and promoting safe usage.
For anglers who appreciate real-time battery level monitoring, the Technicat MkII doesn’t disappoint. The boat is outfitted with a practical battery meter, visually represented through a series of LEDs ranging from 0% to 100%. This intuitive display allows for prompt and accurate readings of the battery’s status, keeping you informed and preventing unexpected power depletion during operation.
Additionally, every purchase is supplied with comprehensive safety information. This ensures users are well-acquainted with the product’s features and operation guidelines, fostering confidence and safety during use.


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