Angling Technics Techicat MkII Bait Boat with Tolson 640 Echo/GPS


Dimensions: 64cm x 40cm x 22cm
Weight (Kgs): 6 Standard Batteries
Lithium Boat Batteries 7.4 volt 20 Ah
Hoppers: 1 ∙ Bait Capacity: 3kgs
Propulsion: Propellers
Radio Frequency: 2.4 Ghz FM
Echo Acceptable: Yes
Continuous Running: 4.5 Hours (approx)
The boat has no external boat aerial – as it is mounted internally
The boat is supplied with a “standard” boat bag



The boat has no external boat aerial – as it is mounted internally.
It is supplied with a “standard” boat bag.Angling Technics Technicat MkII Bait Boat with Tolson 640 Echo/GPS
Delving into the Angling Technics Technicat MkII, this bait boat presents itself as an indispensable tool for anglers who crave efficiency and precision. With dimensions of 64cm x 40cm x 22cm, it possesses a compact yet robust form, ensuring it’s easy to transport whilst remaining steadfast against the often unpredictable UK waters.
The bait boat’s weight is optimal, standing at 6 kilograms with standard batteries included. These aren’t just any batteries; they are Lithium Boat Batteries of 7.4 volts and 20 Ah, providing around 4.5 hours of continuous running time. This ensures prolonged and efficient service, granting anglers ample time to focus on the art of fishing while the Technicat MkII tirelessly works alongside them.
Its sole hopper is capacious, able to securely hold up to 3 kilograms of bait. The substantial bait capacity means fewer trips back to shore, allowing for a concentrated and uninterrupted angling experience. Whether it’s carp or pike that’s the target, this bait boat facilitates a streamlined operation, efficiently delivering bait to the desired location with precision and ease.
Propulsion is expertly handled by propellers, providing reliable and effective movement through various water conditions. This propeller system not only ensures speedy delivery but also operates with a stealthy quietness, preventing any disturbance to the aquatic life below, making it an asset for those secretive, elusive catches.
One of the Technicat MkII’s crowning features is its integration with the Tolson 640 Echo/GPS. The Echo acceptance facilitates accurate readings of the underwater environment, offering invaluable insights into the depth and topology of your chosen fishing spot. This, coupled with the GPS function, allows for precise navigation and bait placement, significantly enhancing the chances of a successful catch.
Operating on a 2.4 GHz FM radio frequency, the boat assures a stable and responsive connection at all times. And with no external aerial visible, as it’s tastefully and practically mounted internally, there’s a reduced risk of damage or snagging while navigating through tight spots or dense vegetation.
The absence of an external aerial also contributes to the Technicat MkII’s sleek, functional design. Each unit is accompanied by a standard boat bag, providing not just a mode of safe transportation but also a means of protecting your investment from the elements when not in use.
Its assembly is straightforward and user-friendly, designed with both seasoned anglers and newcomers in mind. Every feature is meticulously crafted to offer a seamless fishing experience, from bait loading to navigation to retrieval.
In the grand tapestry of angling, the Angling Technics Technicat MkII Bait Boat with Tolson 640 Echo/GPS is not just another accessory. It’s a silent, reliable partner that works as hard as you do, providing accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in every cast and every catch. With this bait boat at your disposal, the waters open up, the process simplifies, and the joy of fishing becomes unadulterated and boundless. For anglers who demand the very best equipment, the Technicat MkII stands out as an evident choice, merging technology and tradition in a dance as old as the rivers themselves.


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