Angling Technics Technicat Digital Battery Meter


The meter will become warm while in use
Always disconnect the meter after taking a reading
Readings relate to the Technicat heavy duty batteries (12Ah)
A reading of above 99 minutes will be display Hi
A reading of Lo means there is less than 7 minutes running time
The meter has been made to be splash proof
The meter will not give meaningful readings on non Angling Technics boats



Angling Technics Technicat Digital Battery Meter,
The purpose of the meter is to indicate the number of minutes of usable life left in the batteries on the Technicat. It uses a sophisticated computer program to test the batteries and discover how much running time is left.
1. Plug the meter into the gold charging socket, with the boat switched off
2. Wait for approximately 25-30 seconds, while the line goes around in square. Then the number displayed indicates the number of minutes available.
3. Unplug the meter.


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