Avid Carp Double Decker Bivvy Organiser


Fully adjustable Lockdown legs
Pivoting mud feet
Hardwearing metal construction
Drainage holes on both tiers of table
Hinged 2 tier tabletop
Clip on gas canister pouch
Green styling throughout
Organiser pouch or storing essentials
Tablet/phone retaining bar on top tier
2x USB ports on lower bag
Supplied with carry bag



Avid Carp Double Decker Bivvy Organiser,
The Double Decker Bivvy Organiser features a two-tier tabletop for maximum storage of essential items. The Organiser pouch houses more sizeable tackle items in the lower compartments. If you are looking for comprehensive tackle storage and a home for your essentials, then look no further. The lower organiser compartment features 2 USB ports, meaning that you can now store your valuable Powerbanks on the inside of the lower bag out of the way whilst still being able to charge your devices on the tabletops. The lower bag is also perfect for storing large items of cooking and brew equipment. The Double Decker Bivvy Organiser also comes supplied with a gas canister pouch which can be clipped to either side of the lower bag. The system is great when you want to keep a number of items close to hand at all times whilst you are fishing, making you fish far more efficiently and making the most of your valuable bank time. The hinged upper tier features a retaining bar along the back edge which can be used to hold you tablet or phone in the perfect position for watching video on your device and easily folds flat for minimum pack downsize when in transit on the barrow and in your vehicle, whilst the legs fold away neatly against the tables frame.


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