Coleman Instaclip Sock Mantle


Compatible with the Powerhouse 2 Mantle Lantern
Can also be used on single Mantle Lanterns
Bright light, added warmth



A mantle is designed to provide incredibly bright, incandescent white light when attached to your lantern, giving you complete illumination on any bankside, without emitting infra-red background, which fish are far more sensitive to. This is achieved through impregnating the fabric mantle with rare-earth salts, which produce the bright glow when they burn. The light emitted is also very hot, with a high fuel flow, allowing you to add a little extra oomph to your stove, courtesy of your lantern.
Mantles are not recommended for inside use.
Owing to the way mantles are constructed, they degrade very quickly, so it’s worth ordering several to see you through your dark nights of the angling soul.
The Coleman Instclip Sock Mantle is compatible with all single mantles, and is specifically designed for the Coleman Powerhouse 2 lantern.
With a no tie design, this is an easy, simple accessory that will enhance your angling experience, particularly for those winter carp campaigns.


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