Fox R-Series Brolly Infill Panel


Full length integrated zip, which attaches to the open front of an R-Series Brolly to convert it into a full system
Three door options – clear PVC, solid Khaki and mozzy mesh.
All doors have 2 way zips to create letter box opening
10,000mm hydrostatic head
Weight 800g
Main outer fabric 100% Polyester



Designed to attach to the front of the Fox R-Series brolly, this infill panel, which is available in either clear PVC, solid PVC, or mozzy mesh, turns your brolly into a convenient, full brolly stystem. A 10,000mm hydrostatic head gives you all the protection from the elements that you’d expect from a bivvy, in a far smaller footprint, that’s easier to transport, and better suited to sessions where you’re happy to let the conditions and activity on the day decide how long you’ll stay out for.
Weighing just 800g, this durable infill panel is easy to take with you on any session, ensuring that you’re always ready to make the most of your angling, giving you the option of staying out on the bank if things pick up, and you decide to stay out all night, and allowing you to switch between the convenience of a brolly and the comfort of a brolly system with zip on, zip off ease.


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