Ledlenser HF6R Core Rechargeable Digital Focus Headtorch


Slim, rechargeable head torch
Three brightness levels, Boost and a red front light
Seamless spot / flood focusing
Innovative patent pending Digital Advanced Focus System
Direct and optimise illumniation via the integrated tilting mechanism
Dust and water ingress protected to IP68
Fuss-free Magnetic Contact Charge System
Recharges battery within housing; no need for removal



LED Lenser HF6R Core Rechargeable Digital Focus Headtorch,
The Ledlenser HF6R CORE rechargeable head torch delivers powerful, perfectly balanced illumination. Three brightness levels plus
Boost, are complimented with an additional front red light to preserve night vision, and the light beam can be directed to optimise
illumination via the tilting mechanism. Innovative patent-pending Digital Advanced Focus System for intuitive seamless spot to flood
focusing is incorporated and the lightweight aluminium housing ensures robustness. Other features include various battery status
indicators, a transport lock to prevent accidental battery drain and Magnetic Contact Charge System for fuss-free battery charging.
Dust and water ingress protected to IP68. Backed by a 7-year with registration warranty for complete peace of mind.Ledlenser HF6R Core Rechargeable Digital Focus Headtorch
For the dedicated angler, the LED Lenser HF6R Core Rechargeable Digital Focus Headtorch offers a blend of functionality and reliability that meets the specific demands of night fishing. With its innovative features and rugged construction, this headtorch is designed to enhance your angling experience in various lighting conditions.
Slim Design with Robust ConstructionFeaturing a slim and rechargeable build, this headtorch is easy to wear and carry without adding bulk. The lightweight aluminium housing ensures robustness, allowing you to tackle any angling challenge without worry. It’s also dust and water ingress protected to IP68, ensuring durability even in the harshest of conditions.
Three Brightness Levels Plus Boost and Red Front LightThe headtorch provides three distinct brightness levels tailored to your fishing needs, along with a Boost function for those moments when maximum illumination is required. The addition of a red front light aids in preserving night vision, allowing you to detect subtle movements in the water without disturbing the fish. It’s an essential tool for any serious angler.
Seamless Spot to Flood FocusingUtilising the innovative patent-pending Digital Advanced Focus System, the headtorch offers intuitive and seamless spot-to-flood focusing. It enables you to adjust the light beam according to your requirements easily, ensuring that your path is always well-lit.
Integrated Tilting MechanismDirect and optimise illumination via the integrated tilting mechanism. Whether scanning the shoreline or examining your catch, the ability to direct the light beam with precision is invaluable, enhancing your visual acuity and making your angling experience more efficient.
Fuss-Free Magnetic Contact Charge SystemWith the Magnetic Contact Charge System, recharging the battery is a breeze. It recharges the battery within the housing, eliminating the need for removal and making the process more convenient. Various battery status indicators and a transport lock to prevent accidental battery drain further add to the practicality of this headtorch.
7-Year WarrantyTo give you complete peace of mind, the LED Lenser HF6R Core Rechargeable Digital Focus Headtorch is backed by a 7-year warranty with registration. This reflects the confidence in the product’s quality and functionality.
Brightness Levels: Three, plus BoostProtection Rating: IP68Weight: Lightweight aluminium housingCharging System: Magnetic Contact Charge SystemWarranty: 7 years with registration


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