Ledlenser HF8R Core Rechargeable Digital & Auto Focus Headtorch


Powerful rechargeable headlamp with three brightness levels
A 1600 lumen Boost mode and front red light
Totally hands-free use requiring no manual control once switched on
Patent-pending Adaptive Light Beam technology
Seamless spot / flood focusing
Robust construction to withstand everyday knocks
High dust and water ingression protection (IP68)
Fuss-free Magnetic Contact Charge System
Recharges battery within housing; no need for removal
Remote control / personalisation features via paid upgrade on Ledlenser Connect App



LED Lenser HF8R Core Rechargeable Digital & Auto Focus Headtorch,
The Ledlenser HF8R CORE rechargeable head torch is a powerhouse of performance and class-leading technology. Three brightness levels plus a
1600 lumen Boost are complimented with a red front light to protect night vision. The standout feature is the patent-pending Adaptive Light Beam
Technology which, once activated, allows automatic dimming and focusing; making it a hands-free head torch which requires no manual control at all.
Seamless spot to flood focusing is delivered by another patent-pending technology, the intuitive Digital Advanced Focus System. If remote control and
further personalisation features are required, these can be achieved through the Ledlenser Connect App (paid upgrade). Lightweight robust
aluminium housing protects from knocks whilst the impressive IP68 rating provides high level protection again dust and water ingress; so much so
that the light will remain working even if temporarily submerged. The transport lock mode prevents accidental battery drain and the Magnetic Contact
Charge System enables fuss-free battery charging without the need to remove the battery from its housing. Backed by a 7-year with registration
warranty for complete peace of mind.
Ledlenser HF8R Core Rechargeable Digital & Auto Focus Headtorch is engineered to offer unparalleled performance for anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers who require nothing but the best from their gear. Boasting advanced features that combine functionality and innovation, this headtorch is a must-have for those seeking to illuminate their way without constraints.
Key Features & Benefits:
Powerful Rechargeable Headlamp: The HF8R Core offers three distinct brightness levels, ensuring optimal visibility for various environments. The additional 1600 lumen Boost mode and front red light enhance your sight without compromising night vision – an essential tool for night fishing or early morning excursions.
Totally Hands-Free Usage: The patent-pending Adaptive Light Beam Technology enables automatic dimming and focusing, relieving you from manual adjustments.
Seamless Spot to Flood Focusing: The intuitive Digital Advanced Focus System, another patent-pending feature, offers smooth transition between spot and flood focusing. Whether you need pinpoint accuracy or a wide flood of light, this system will cater to your specific needs.
Robust Construction & High Protection Level: Encased in lightweight but robust aluminium housing, the HF8R Core can endure everyday knocks and harsh weather conditions. The IP68 rating guarantees high-level protection against dust and water ingress – the headtorch will continue to function even if temporarily submerged.
Efficient Magnetic Contact Charge System: Forget about the hassle of removing batteries for charging. This system enables effortless recharging within the housing, saving you valuable time and effort.
Remote Control and Personalisation Features: For those looking to enhance their experience further, the Ledlenser Connect App (available via a paid upgrade) opens the door to remote control and customisation features, offering a tailored user experience.
Warranty Assurance: Backed by a 7-year warranty with registration, the HF8R Core offers lasting reliability.
Luminosity: Three brightness levels, 1600 lumen BoostPower Source: Rechargeable battery (charging within housing)Weight: Lightweight aluminium housingProtection: IP68 (Dust and Water Ingression Protection)Charging: Magnetic Contact Charge SystemCompatibility: Ledlenser Connect App for additional features (paid upgrade)Warranty: 7-year with registration
Built with real-world applications in mind, it ensures that you’re never left in the dark, no matter what the conditions. The investment in this headtorch will undoubtedly enhance your angling experience, placing innovation and performance right where you need it – at the forefront of your adventure.


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