Nash Bank Life Fishing Bivvy Fan


Cools air for bivvy comfort
USB powered
Optional Citronella pads repel mosquitoes
Three speed settings
360 degree rotating head
Compact and lightweight
Non slip rubber base
Compatible with Nash Magnetic Bivvy Hook T3399
Citronella oil not included



Nash Bank Life Fishing Bivvy Fan,
The Nash Bank Life bivvy fan is surprisingly powerful for its compact size. You can operate them with both fans on the go, or with just the one to save power or when it’s not as hot. Simple to operate, with an on off switch that cycles through the speed options. They also have removable covers on the back, inside you’ll find an absorbent pad you can dab a few drops of citronella oil. Great for helping to deter biting insects. Self supoporting with a built in flip out stand. They’re also designed to be hung off your Nash magnetic bivvy hook should you prefer.


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