Nash Titan Hide Pro Bivvy Waterproof Infill


Letter box twin zipped door
Internal door bar
Easy pack away
Elastic tie backs



Tell Me About Nash Titan Hide Pro Bivvy Waterproof Infill
Offering the most voracious waterproofing option for your Nash Hide Pro and Hide Pro XL bivvies, this weatherproof shelter infill has been made to keep your hide pro or XL looking new whilst offering protection for yourself and all your fishing tackle stored inside the shelter, especially during heavy downpours.
What Discipline Is It For?
Ideal for a carp, specialist, coarse or predator angler that likes to spend long or overnight sessions at the bankside whilst they target their species of choice.
Why Should I Buy It?
Featuring an elastic tie-back system for heightened protection against small leaks around the base of the tent.
What’s The Best Thing About It?
Manufactured from Aqua Sense Hydra to provide remarkable space, and has a letterbox twin zipped door providing easy entrance. In order to make pack away even easier, there’s an internal door bar that will take the stress off of your arms when folding up the product after use.


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