Speero Rig Tray


600D Cordura covered EVA tray
Fits perfectly into the modular bags and rucksack
Reverse colour: DPM and Green



Speero Rig Tray,
A really handy item for tying rigs up on the bank. Made to fit into the Speero Modular Carryall and Rucksack.
Take your angling experience to new heights with the Speero Rig Tray, an essential addition to your fishing arsenal. This indispensable tool is tailored for the on-bank rig tying enthusiast, who values precision and ease in their angling pursuits. With its impressive design features and practical use, the Speero Rig Tray is an angler’s companion like no other.
The Speero Rig Tray’s core strength lies in its construction. It’s covered in 600D Cordura, a high-quality fabric known for its durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. This robust covering protects the tray’s EVA interior, ensuring longevity and dependability, making it an ideal choice for the angler who ventures out in all weather conditions. A versatile angling accessory, the Speero Rig Tray offers the rigidity you require for precise rig tying tasks, coupled with the robustness to withstand the challenges of outdoor use.
Another standout feature of the Speero Rig Tray is its reverse colour design, offering the choice between DPM and Green. The DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) colour scheme is a camouflaged design intended to blend with a variety of natural environments. It adds an element of stealth to your angling gear, which could prove crucial when fishing in clear waters. Alternatively, the vibrant green offers a classic angling aesthetic. In terms of specifications, the Speero Rig Tray retains a compact and practical design that accommodates the essential rig tying items, all while fitting snugly into your carryall or rucksack. Its low-profile design minimises bulk, allowing for easy transport and use in various angling scenarios.


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