Trakker Revive Shelter Repair Kit


Contains the following
1x 225mm x 75mm
1x 35mm x 35mm
1x 22mm x 22mm
Cleaning wipe
1x Strengthening line



Finally, the Trakker Revive Shelter Repair Kit contains enough to make repairs over several seasons of bivvy use. Repairing small hole damage before it becomes a bigger problem has never been so easy, you’re now able to make running repairs on the bank and prolong the life of your bivvy.
The Repair Kit from Trakker contains three material patches; 1 x 225mm x 75mm, 1 x 35mm x 35mm and 1 x 22mm x 22mm, all patches are of course waterproof and air tight and will perform just as well as the original material on your bivvy.
The Repair Kit also includes a cleaning wipe and a length of strengthening line to further reinforce you bankside abode.


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