Trakker Revive Shelter Reproofing Kit


Revive Shelter Proofer
Direct application
Air curing
Suitable for all outdoor wear textiles
Shelter Proofer Concentrate Direct application
Air curing
Suitable for all outdoor wear textiles
concentrated formula
Polysiloxane compound, organo modified Glycols



Has your bivvy seen better days? Or perhaps you’ve just purchased a new bivvy at great expense and you’re looking to prolong its life for as long as possible, either way the Trakker After Care range is worth a look.
All chemicals used are fully regulated and safe to use in an angling environment, with its environmentally friendly formula, the Revive range eases the cleaning, proofing and repairing of your bankside abode, extending its lifetime and saving you money.
The fishing industry relies heavily on the use of waterproof materials; bivvies, clothing, holdalls, carryalls and sleeping bags all depend upon it, yet, to date no brand has come forward with a care package for all these waterproof materials. The Trakker Revive range is here to pioneer waterproof after care.
Reproofing revives and maintains the water repellency of your shelter, maximising breathability and reducing condensation.
The re-proofer itself, revives and maintains the repellency of your apparel; maximising breathability, improving protection from the elements and prolonging the life of your clothing.


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