Trakker Superdome Bivvy Inner Capsule (Twin)


Creates two fully enclosed individual bedroom capsules
Covered central corridor through the bivvy
Transforms the Superdome Bivvy into a twin-skin shelter
Reduces condensation and increases heat retention
Stitched-in groundsheet to keep out rodents and other unwanted guests
Rear door giving complete through access and ventilation
Storage pouch to inner wall offering further storage space
Breathable brushed polyester material inner
Easy to fit – no need for any extra pegs
Zipped carry bag
Dimensions: W 145cm x D 340cm x H 185cm
Weight: 4.9kg



Trakker Superdome Bivvy Inner Capsule (Twin), The Trakker Superdome Bivvy really is a revolutionary setup for the angler who fishes with friends, as well as the angler who spends long weeks on the bank. The biggest bivvy in the Trakker range to date, the Superdome goes against the grain of modern, tiny bivvies in order to provide the long session and social angler with the perfect overnight sleeping solution. One of the biggest benefits of this bivvy is its unique inner capsule system and this is the Trakker Superdome Twin Inner Capsule.
This twin capsule is fitted into the standard Superdome bivvy via the traditional toggle method, most commonly found in commercial camping tents. This means that once inserted, you can leave the capsule in place during packdown – so it is ready to go the next time you arrive on the bank. This also means that you don’t have to worry about bringing any extra pegs down to the bank with you, keeping the weight of your bivvy to a minimum. As the name suggests, this system splits your Superdome into two smaller compartments (and a central corridor) and it has been designed with social angling sessions in mind. After all, even the closest friends need some space without each other and these individual bedroom-style compartments are perfect for getting that much needed privacy when you’re on the bank for a longer session. Each compartment can comfortably fit a wide bedchair and a whole host of your tackle items, ensuring that you can’t mix things up on the bank by accident.
If you’re a solo angler, this Inner Capsule (Twin) is perfect for providing you with separate sleeping and storage space. This means that you can keep warmer on the bank on colder nights, as you only need to heat the smaller compartment when you’re sleeping rather than the entire bivvy space. It also means that you don’t have to sleep in the same space as potentially smelly and damp carp tackle, ensuring that you can enjoy a peaceful night on the bankside – until your bite alarm goes off, that is! One of the other benefits of the Inner Capsule (Twin) is that it acts like a second skin on the bivvy. This is ideal in the colder months, as it helps to trap warm air inside the bivvy to ensure that you can keep warm all night long. What’s more, it also reduces the risk of condensation forming on the ceiling of the bivvy, so you can say goodbye to being abruptly awoken by a cold drip of water falling on your face. The central corridor has also been covered, ensuring that you don’t experience any condensation in this area of the bivvy either.
Both of the twin capsules are fitted with their own stitched-in groundsheets. These are heavy duty and help to ensure that no rodents or other unwanted bankside pests can easily gain access to you whilst you’re sleeping. The front panels of the capsules have been fitted with mosquito mesh vents, too. These line up with the vents on the outside of your bivvy and allow supreme airflow through on the hottest nights – without also inviting in nasty bugs. After all, the only bankside creature you want to experience a bite from is your carp.
Finally, each of the inner capsules is also fitted with a small storage pocket, too. These are ideal for the storage of your smaller tackle items, your mobile phone, and your wallet. If you’re the proud owner of the Trakker Superdome Bivvy then this Inner Capsule (Twin) is the perfect option for you.


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