Trakker Tempest Advanced 100 Inner Capsule


Transforms the Tempest Advanced 100 into a twin-skin shelter
Reduces condensation and increases heat retention
Fully-enclosed inner compartment
With stitched-in groundsheet
To keep out rodents and other unwanted guests
Storage pockets to inner wall
Offering further storage space
Breathable brushed polyester material inner
Easy to fit – no need for any extra pegs
Zipped carry bag



Born in the early 1990s, Trakker is a fishing tackle company that designs and produces its products with the UK for the UK anglers. The collection of Trakker tackle includes all the items carp and specialist anglers need at the bank from amazing rods to revolutionary fish care. It all started with its range of bivvies that have since been updated, upgrades and with a whole range of accessories to improve your home at the bank.
Perfect for anglers with the Tempest Advanced 100 bivvy, this Trakker inner capsule transforms your shelter into a twin-skin shelter. This has a multitude of benefits, reducing condensation and increasing heat retention. This is great for all the seasons come rain or shine.
Heat retentions if great for the winter months at the bank, ensuring you stay warm in your bedchair on those over-night carp sessions whilst the reducing condensation ensures the longevity of your bivvy, avoiding moisture that increases chances of mould. The Trakker capsule creates a fully-enclosed inner compartment with a stitched-in groundsheet to keep out the rodents and other unwanted guests! Along with protection from the elements and nature, this upgrade offers additional storage pockets for organising your tackle on the inner wall.
Trakker has made the inner capsule with a breathable brushed polyester material which is both easy to fit and incredibly durable. There is no need for any extra pegs as all what you need to attach the capsule is included, saving you additional cost!
Trakker has also nicely supplied a zipped carry bag to make the commute and storage all the more easier.


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