Angling Technics Spare Standard 6 volt 7Ah Batteries


For Angling Technics boats only
Supplied in pairs
Charge fully before use
6V 7.0A.h



Established in 1992, Angling Technics began life with the drive to design and built a specialist bait boat. Today, it’s the first name that springs to mind for many anglers when bait boats are mentioned and has experienced resounding success amongst specialist anglers around the world. Its reputation has been founded on its ethos of innovation and reliability, and Angling Technics prides itself on its superb attention to detail.
For many tech-savvy anglers, bait boats are a common and incredibly useful tool when it comes to baiting up your swim for specialist, carp or even predator angling. Even though most bait boats have lots of battery time on them, they will run out and if you are on a long or even overnight session, it may be a good idea to take a spare, fully charged battery.
The Angling Technics Spare Standard Batteries are designed for the Angling Technics boats and unfortunately can only be used on Angling Technic bait boats. The spare batteries come supplied in pairs (charge before use) and this bait boat battery model is called NP7-6 (6V, 7.0Ah).


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