Angling Technics Microcat HD Bait Boat


Less interference and no more clashing with other users
Two ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance motors
Fast, efficient, and quiet
Excellent for all baits including particles
Two hoppers can be individually or simultaneously opened
Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse
Echo sounder acceptable: Yes
Size: 690mm x 370 mm x 220mm
Weight: 9kg – HD batteries (approx.)
Running time (at max speed): 120 + minutes – HD batteries
Payload capacity of 4kg



It is quickly becoming apparent that bait boats are the future of bait distribution for carp anglers, especially the angler who likes to target fish at distance. There are no better alternatives for the angler who wants to get a large amount of freebie bait out to an impressive distance in one hit – whilst simultaneously dropping your hook bait in the perfect position. Angling Technics is one of the leading designers and manufactures of angling bait boats and this Microcat bait boat represents a huge development in Angling Technics’ Microcat HD technology. It incorporates all the changes to previous Mircocats and more – making this the best Microcat to date!
The water jet propulsion system has been replaced with a propeller motor system – which has been ultrasonically sealed. This is a no-maintenance system which, when combined with the 12Ah heavy-duty batteries, not only gives the boat an incredible running time of over two hours but also ensures the boat is up to 10% faster than previous Microcats. With a faster and more energy-efficient boat, you can distribute bait to the location of your fish quicker whilst also being able to top up the freebies over an extended period of time. This makes the Microcat HD the ideal boat for the angler who enjoys long sessions when access to a power source is limited.
The Microcat HD sits higher out of the water than previous Microcat systems thanks to a redesigned hull. This means that the hoppers are well clear of the waterline, even in windy and choppy conditions. This, in turn, reduces the risk of water leaking into the bait, ensuring that your bait has maximum impact when it enters the water column. The Microcat HD features two hoppers, which can be opened independently for spreading bait over a wide area or simultaneously to distribute a huge amount of bait in one location. This gives you incredible versatility of use, as it enables you to target two features simultaneously, and this is an excellent choice for the carp angler who fishes with multiple rods.
Angling Technics know that, more often than not, you’ll be baiting up in the early hours of the morning and after the sun has set. A controllable spotlight on the front of the boat aids viability at night and in low light conditions, allowing you to not only see the boat itself but also see where the boat is headed. The Mircocat HD is compatible with echo sounder technology, so if you decide to upgrade your bait boat with a fish finder you don’t have to change boats. This makes the boat a great introductory system for the angler looking to get into using high-end angling technology, as it gives you the flexibility to upgrade and modify your gear without having to reinvest in expensive technology.
One of the most annoying things when using any angling technology – whether that is a bait boat or a bite alarm – is the potential of interference from other anglers systems on the bank. The 2.4Ghz FM 4 channel system reduces the risk of interference with other anglers and, by doing so, reduces the risk of potential arguments on the bank. Weighing only 9kg, the Microcat HD is by no means the heaviest boat on the market and it won’t weigh down your tackle bag excessively when you’re transporting it between boot and bank.
Bait boats really do represent huge advances in angling technology, and the Microcat HD is the perfect bait boat for the modern and technologically minded angler. If you’re looking to be able to distribute bait quickly, effectively, and accurately, then there really is no other tool for the job. Angling Technics has been producing bait boats for over 20 years, and the Microcat HD is the culmination of those two decades of bait boat experience.


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