Avid Carp Double Decker Bivvy Table


Fully adjustable Lockdown legs
Pivoting mud feet
Hardwearing metal construction
Drainage holes on both tiers of table
Hinged 2 tier tabletop for minimum pack down size
Green styling throughout
Tablet/phone retaining bar on top tier



Avid Carp Double Decker Bivvy Table,
The Double Decker Bivvy table is the first of its kind, with two tiers to perfectly house all of your essential items. Keep your valuables separate from your angling essentials, keeping those valuables out of harms way on the top tier, whilst still having plenty of room for your terminal items on the lower tier. The top tier features a retaining bar along the back edge which can be used to hold you tablet or phone in the perfect position for watching video on your device. As we all know, being organised really can pay dividends when we are on the bank. Featuring fully adjustable Lockdown legs, allowing you to get a perfectly flat table arrangement for maximum efficiency whilst you are bankside. The hinged upper tier easily folds flat for minimum pack down size when in transit on the barrow and in your vehicle, whilst the legs fold away neatly against the tables frame.Avid Carp Double Decker Bivvy Table
The Avid Carp Double Decker Bivvy Table is a game-changer in the world of angling accessories, offering two tiers to optimally house all your vital items. Its innovative design allows you to separate your valuables from your angling essentials, ensuring your precious possessions remain safe and secure on the top tier, while leaving ample space for your terminal tackle and other essentials on the lower tier.
The top tier is thoughtfully equipped with a retaining bar along the back edge, providing the perfect spot to hold your tablet or phone. As seasoned anglers know, staying organised can make all the difference when you’re on the bank, and this Double Decker Bivvy Table helps you achieve just that.
One of the standout features of this innovative table is the fully adjustable Lockdown legs, allowing you to achieve a perfectly level table arrangement. This ensures maximum efficiency and stability while you’re bankside, regardless of the terrain. The pivoting mud feet further enhance the table’s stability, adapting to the ground beneath and preventing the table from sinking into soft or uneven surfaces.
Constructed from hardwearing metal, the Avid Carp Double Decker Bivvy Table is built to last, providing reliable durability throughout your angling adventures. The green styling throughout gives the table a subtle, nature-friendly appearance that blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings.
A key aspect of the table’s design is the drainage holes on both tiers, ensuring that any excess water can easily escape, keeping your belongings dry and well-protected. This feature is particularly beneficial during wet weather conditions or when handling wet tackle items.
The hinged two-tier tabletop is designed for easy foldability, allowing for minimal pack down size when it’s time to transport your gear. The legs tuck away neatly against the table’s frame, making it compact and convenient for storage on your barrow or in your vehicle.
The Avid Carp Double Decker Bivvy Table is an exceptional addition to your angling setup, providing practicality, organisation, and durability in one innovative package. Its unique two-tier design, fully adjustable Lockdown legs, pivoting mud feet, and hardwearing metal construction make it an indispensable tool for the serious angler. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your angling experience with this exceptional piece of equipment.


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