Fox Retreat Brolly System Extension


Creates a 1 m extension
Khaki Ventec fabric
20,000mm hydro static head
Main outer fabric: 100% Polyester
Heavy duty groundsheet
Packed dimensions: 100cm x 24cm x 24cm
Packed weight 6kg
Supplied with full frame support system



Fox Retreat Brolly System Extension,
Creates a 1 m extension.
Simply remove the brolly front and zip in the extension, then add the brolly front to the extension to create a large person brolly or suitable for two bedchairs positioned longways.
The extension features 2 zips to allow it to attach to the brolly and for the inner dome to be used simultaneously
Unique fittings attach to the brolly storm pole attachment to fully support the rigid 16mm aluminium frame
Additional unique frame to storm pole attachments attach to the front of the frame to allow the use of the brolly storm poles to ensure the whole shelter is rock solid.
Fox Retreat Brolly System Extension
For those dedicated anglers seeking additional shelter space, the Fox Retreat Brolly System Extension proves to be an invaluable piece of gear. Built with the needs of fishermen in mind, this extension provides that much-desired additional metre to your current brolly setup.
Exceptional Fabric Quality
Constructed from premium Khaki Ventec fabric, the extension not only promises durability but also ensures excellent weather resistance. Boasting an impressive 20,000mm hydrostatic head, it guarantees to stand firm against torrential downpours, safeguarding you and your equipment. The main outer fabric is made up of 100% Polyester, ensuring a strong build that is both lightweight and resilient.
Effortless Assembly
The beauty of the Fox Retreat Brolly System Extension is its ease of assembly. To incorporate this extension, simply detach the brolly front, zip in the extension, and then reattach the brolly front to the extension. The result? An extended brolly system, perfect for housing a large angler’s kit or even two bedchairs positioned lengthwise. Its adaptability is undoubtedly one of its strong suits, catering to a solo angler or two, depending on the circumstance.
Innovative Design Features
Another notable aspect of this extension is its unique dual-zip design. These two zips facilitate the attachment of the extension to the brolly while also allowing the inner dome to be in use simultaneously. The unique fittings that attach to the brolly’s storm pole ensure full support for its rigid 16mm aluminium frame. Furthermore, additional unique frame-to-storm pole fittings can be affixed to the front of the frame, enabling the use of the brolly’s storm poles. This intricate design ensures the entire shelter remains steadfast and unyielding, even during challenging weather conditions.
Durable Groundsheet Included
A heavy-duty groundsheet accompanies the Fox Retreat Brolly System Extension. This inclusion is paramount in keeping you dry and ensuring your equipment remains clean and free from dampness. The groundsheet’s robustness ensures a longer lifespan and less wear and tear from prolonged usage.
Material: 100% PolyesterPacked Dimensions: 100cm x 24cm x 24cmPacked Weight: 6kgSupplementary Support
Every Fox Retreat Brolly System Extension comes supplied with a full frame support system. This additional support augments the stability of your setup, assuring you of a secure and safe shelter during your angling expeditions.


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