Fox XL Bivvy Table


Perfect table for long session anglers
Large, laminated table top measuring 80cm x 60cm
Fully adjustable legs for level use on uneven ground
Legs fold flat and fix in place for easy transport
Minimum height: 56cm maximum height: 75cm
Supplied in a polyester carry bag



Fox XL Bivvy Table,
If you’re an angler who loves the challenge of a long fishing session, the Fox XL Bivvy Table is for you. Constructed with durability in mind, this generously-sized table has a robust laminated top measuring 80cm x 60cm sure to provide plenty of space for all your tackle set-up needs. Boasting fully adjustable legs that can be used on uneven ground and easily folded flat and fixed in place for easy transportation, this angler’s essential is both reliable and convenient. With the minimum height56 cm and maximum height 75 cm, you’ll be able to comfortably store all your tackle and gear without worrying about running out of space or straining your back. Inclusively supplied in a polyester carry bag, the Fox XL Bivvy Table leaves no stone unturned when it comes to premium quality design and practical convenience. If you’re looking for the perfect companion for long fishing sessions look no further than the Fox XL Bivvy Table!
Fox XL Bivvy Table, the ideal companion for anglers embarking on extensive fishing sessions. Constructed to withstand the rigours of the great outdoors, this oversized table offers a solid, laminated top spanning 80cm x 60cm, offering abundant space for all your fishing tackle and bait preparation needs.
A standout feature of this angling table is its fully adjustable legs, which deliver unparalleled stability even on the most uneven terrains. Whether you’re setting up shop on a river bank or the rocky lakeside, rest assured the Fox XL Bivvy Table will stand firm. The adjustable nature of the legs provides flexibility with table height as well, with the table varying from a minimum height of 56cm to a maximum of 75cm. This allows for ample storage space beneath the table and ensures that anglers of all heights can use the table comfortably without strain.
Transportation has been thoughtfully considered in the design of this table. The legs can be folded flat and secured in place, offering a streamlined, easy-to-carry solution for anglers on the go. Despite its large size, it becomes surprisingly portable, ensuring you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for convenience.
Included with the Fox XL Bivvy Table is a durable polyester carry bag. The carry bag is not merely an afterthought, but a valuable addition to your gear, offering additional protection to your table during transportation and storage. The inclusion of a carry bag epitomises the thoughtful design of this table, which seeks to address the practical needs of anglers, both on and off the field.
Key Features:
Designed with long-session anglers in mindLarge, robust, laminated table top measuring 80cm x 60cmFully adjustable legs for stable use on uneven groundLegs fold flat and fix in place for straightforward transportationAdjustable table height from 56cm to 75cmComes supplied in a durable polyester carry bagProvides abundant space for tackle set-up and bait preparationSimplifies storage and transportation of fishing gearDelivers a comfortable and practical experience for all anglersEnhances angling sessions by ensuring better organisation and efficiency.


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