Gardner ATT Pulsar Rechargable Head Torch


Head torch only weighs 68 grams
The torch is water resistant
Supplied with USB charging lead
Recharge time is 3.5hrs



Gardner ATT Pulsar Rechargable Head Torch,
The ATT Pulsar USB head torch offers two levels of white light, along with a perfectly balanced wide angle red light for retention of your night vision.
The Pulsar Head Torch is recharged via USB, with a lead that is supplied with the torch.
The first click of the button turns the torch on to the lowest white beam (67 lumens). Click the button a second time and the beam will go to the highest white beam (170 lumens). For red LED mode double click the button at anytime. To switch the unit off depress the button for 5 seconds.
Gardner ATT Pulsar Rechargeable Head Torch, it’s expertly designed to fulfil all your lighting needs, whether you’re navigating your way in the dark, rigging up your fishing gear, or spotting elusive carp in the dead of night.
Power and flexibility are the hallmarks of the Gardner ATT Pulsar Head Torch. It offers two levels of white light – a gentle 67 lumens for discreet, up-close activities, and a powerful 170 lumens to light up your surroundings or pinpoint distant landmarks. The torch can be seamlessly toggled between these modes with simple clicks, providing you with adaptable lighting solutions for various angling scenarios.
But the true gem in this head torch is its wide-angle red light feature. Crafted for night anglers, the red light preserves your natural night vision, ensuring you can see clearly without disturbing the tranquil ambience or alerting any nearby fish. A double click on the button at any time activates this function, making it an easily accessible feature at the critical moment.
The Gardner ATT Pulsar Head Torch operates on a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need to constantly buy and replace disposable batteries. This eco-friendly solution comes with a USB charging lead, offering convenience and cost savings. A full recharge is achieved in just 3.5 hours, providing you with long-lasting illumination to cover even the lengthiest of angling sessions.
To switch the unit off, simply depress the button for 5 seconds. This safety feature prevents the torch from accidentally turning on while stored in your tackle box, preserving battery life and ensuring the light is ready when you need it most.


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