Ledlenser HF4R Camo Rechargeable Headtorch


Ultra slim and lightweight headlamp
600 lumens with 3 brightness levels
Red, green and blue front light
Bright and perfectly balances light pattern
Two light sources for short and long range illumination
Easily rechargeable via magnetic charge system
Battery status indicator
Individually adjustable slim headband
Suitable for continous immersion in water(IP69)



LED Lenser HF4R Camo Rechargeable Headtorch,
The Ledlenser HF4R CORE rechargeable head torch is slim and lightweight – perfect for everyday use. The spot and flood light white light sources for
near and far illumination are complemented by a third red light source; ideal for those that wish to preserve night vision. The head of the light tilts
45 to direct the light beam and thus optimise illumination, whilst the slim headband can be adjusted for the perfect fit. Charging of the integrated
battery is easy via the Magnetic Contact Charge System. Other features include a low battery warning, a battery status indicator that also shows
battery charging level and a transport lock to stop accidental battery drain. Dust and water ingress protected to IP68. Backed by a 7-year with
registration warranty for complete peace of mind.Ledlenser HF4R Camo Rechargeable Headtorch is a valuable addition to any angler’s toolkit, offering an unparalleled blend of functionality and performance. Designed with both the novice and experienced angler in mind, this headtorch is packed with features that facilitate smooth and effective night fishing.
Key Features:
Slim Rechargeable Head Torch: Lightweight and unobtrusive, the HF4R Camo Rechargeable Headtorch ensures comfort and ease of use during those extended fishing sessions.
Three Brightness Levels and Red, Green and Blue Front Light: With three distinct brightness levels, anglers can effortlessly adapt to changing conditions. The additional red front light is a thoughtful inclusion for those wishing to preserve night vision, ensuring optimal visibility without startling the fish.
45° Tilting Lamp Head: Adjusting the beam direction is as simple as tilting the lamp head. This 45° tilting feature enables the angler to direct the beam precisely where needed, optimising illumination and conserving battery life.
Bright and Perfectly Balanced Light Pattern: Equipped with two light sources for flood (near) and spot (long-range) illumination, the headtorch produces a balanced light pattern that brightens your surroundings without overwhelming your eyes.
Efficient Battery and Easy Recharging: Never worry about running out of power with the headtorch’s efficient battery. Easily rechargeable via the Magnetic Charge System, it offers consistent performance without the need for frequent replacements. Plus, the battery status indicator keeps you informed of charging levels, so you’re never caught off guard.
High Protection Against Dust and Water Regression: With a protection rating of IP68, the LED Lenser HF4R Camo Rechargeable Headtorch stands up to dust and water, making it an excellent companion in various weather conditions.
7-Year Warranty: (including the battery) Your investment is safeguarded by a robust 7-year warranty with registration, providing peace of mind and assuring the product’s longevity.
This headtorch is not merely for fishing. Hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts will also find its features beneficial. Its camo design and durable construction make it a dependable option for various outdoor activities.
Specifications and Measurements:
Weight: 72gHead movement angle: 45°Time to full charge: 180 minutesDrop test: 2 metersIP Class: IP68Working temp range: -20 to +40No. of LEDs: 2LED colour: WhiteColour temp: 5200k to 6200kColour rendering index: 70Water Resistance: IP68
The LED Lenser HF4R Camo Rechargeable Headtorch encapsulates what an angler needs for a fulfilling night fishing experience. From its adjustable brightness levels to its easily rechargeable battery, every aspect has been crafted with the user’s needs in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to angling, this headtorch offers a solution to illuminate your adventures without fuss or complication. Trust in the quality and precision of the HF4R Camo, and let it light your way on the water.


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