Gardner Tackle Mozzi Fishing Lamp


Product size: 85mm x 135mm
Weight: 300g
Output: 250lm Flashlight/100lm Lantern
Battery capacity: li-ion 18650 1800mah
LED: 2835 SMD LED Working voltage 3.7V
Input: USB 5v 1A
Lighting power: 3W
Burn time: 3-12 hours lantern/flashlght/12 hours UV
Recharge time: 4 hours via USB cable/8-10 hours via solar panel



Gardner Tackle Mozzi Fishing Lamp,
Gardner Tackle Mozzi Fishing Lamp – Not only can it keep those pesky bugs under control, but it can also be used as a 250lm flash light and a 100lm Bivvy Lantern as well. It is rechargable via USB cable and also via the inbuilt solar panel, meaning you can still enjoy it’s benefits night after night, even if you forget your power bank! So what are you waiting for? Pick up a Gardner Tackle Mozzi Fishing Lamp today and make sure you’re always prepared for a fishing trip!


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