RidgeMonkey CoZee Bucket Seat Full Kit


Approximate dimensions (folded): 480mm x 300mm x 300mm
Modular Bucket XL included
Rated to 160kg / 25st
Comfortable weatherproof cushion
Reinforced folding backrest
Protected registered design



RidgeMonkey CoZee Bucket Seat Full Kit,
The CoZee Bucket Seat turns the RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket XL into an all-in-one deluxe portable seat and storage solution, featuring a luxurious padded cushion and reinforced folding backrest. Fully compatible with all products in the Modular Bucket XL range. Rated to 160kg / 25st. Includes Modular Bucket XL.Note: Modular Bucket System XL side trays not included in this set. Contact your retailer to purchase side trays separately if required.


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