Fox Ranger MK2 CAMO Pod 3 Rod

Fox Ranger MK2

Very popular with anglers, the high-quality Fox Ranger rod pod has been in demand for many years. But it's time to update the range of pods. The company has made an upgraded version of the Ranger MK2 and is now making it available to all anglers.

  • The Fox Ranger MK2 is available in both 3-rod and 4-rod versions;
  • Available in black (fox ranger mk2) and camouflage version (fox ranger mk2 camo);
  • The ability to convert the standard position of the legs of the Ranger rod-pod into a tripod;
  • Make 2.5 turns and fix the legs;
  • 6 angle adjustment positions for convenience;
  • The bag comes with legs 2 x 40cm, 2 x 45cm and 2 x 120cm;
  • 4 fixing points for tying/weighting the rod pod;
  • Plastic double latches on sliding central frame;
  • All threads are made of copper (does not oxidize);
  • Bag-case, for transportation with a large side pocket;
  • Convenient for use on various surfaces;
  • Length in assembled form – 88 cm;
  • Length in extended form – 160 cm;
  • Crossbars for 2 rods are purchased separately.

My review fox ranger mk2

Fox Ranger MK2 CAMO Pod 4 RodGreetings to all our visitors! Today, a short review of the updated Rod Pod from Fox, the model is called ranger mk2.

The Rod Pod comes in a green quality case. We unpack it and in the outer pocket, we see a buzz bar that is designed to install 4 or 3 rods, depending on the configuration. The small pocket holds the legs of the pod and the buzz bar mounts. Additionally, there are plastic spare parts and latches. In a big pocket lies himself Rod Pod and two additional long legs, I will talk about them a little later.

Next, we collect the buzz bar. We screw the legs into the Rod Pod on which there is a latch that allows you to adjust the tilt of the legs. The racks themselves are telescopic, which allows you to install the rack on any surface and at any slope.

Buzz bar is installed in plastic holders on the Rod pod and fixed with latches. The latches are made of very strong, reliable plastic, which does not allow you to stagger during installation. The buzz bar can be moved along the two central tubes so that the rod can be set in the desired position. In addition to being able to move the buzz bar itself, the Rod pod can also be moved to the desired width. Allows you to install the rod more comfortably under the alarm.

For stability, you can move your legs around the edges or move them to the center. Depending on which bank you are fishing on, it can be stone shore, concrete or earthen. All this you will install already in place.

The latches on the legs are very reliable and of high quality, I think that all the same, Fox made sure that the plastic was reliable enough and that there were no problems when fishing.

Now I will explain why these two long legs are included in the kit. They are needed to change the front legs for longer ones and turn your Rod Pod from a regular one into a so-called Sky Pod. Then the rods stand almost vertically, that is, at a large angle concerning the shore.

This is necessary to fish in difficult conditions when you are fishing over reeds or over some coastal vegetation.

As I said before, the legs are telescopic, you can change the height, as well as change the angle using the gears on the plastic holder. To do this, you need to unscrew two and a half turns and move the plastic down, after which the leg moves to another position. Thus, you can change the slope of your legs depending on which bank you are standing on. This is what the fully assembled Rod Pod fox ranger mk2 looks like. I think that for the money this is quite a good model. It will allow you to fish on any shore, given that we constantly fish on some piers.

I am seriously considering buying this kind of pod and I have a choice to buy this kind of pod or save up and get a Nick Evolution. Of course, Nick Evolution is significantly more expensive than this genus, but in Nick it is possible to quickly raise the front end high, similar to a long-legged fox. It allows you to quickly raise the tips of your rods in order to pass under them when you are fighting a large fish or a fish has brought a line under other rods.

But the fox ranger mk2 will be stationary with its legs raised and does not have the ability to quickly adjust. In my opinion, this is not critical and it is quite possible to do without long legs. This rodpod has a good price, high quality, and is in demand among anglers, I recommend it for purchase.