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Fox Ranger MK2 CAMO Pod 3 Rod

Key Features

Very popular with anglers, the high-quality Fox Ranger rod pod has been in demand for many years. But it’s time to update the range of pods. The company has made an upgraded version of the Ranger MK2 and is now making it available to all anglers.
  • The Fox Ranger MK2 is available in both 3-rod and 4-rod versions;
  • Available in black (fox ranger mk2) and camouflage version (fox ranger mk2 camo);
  • The ability to convert the standard position of the legs of the Ranger rod-pod into a tripod;
  • Make 2.5 turns and fix the legs;
  • 6 angle adjustment positions for convenience;
  • The bag comes with legs 2 x 40cm, 2 x 45cm and 2 x 120cm;
  • 4 fixing points for tying/weighting the rod pod;
  • Plastic double latches on sliding central frame;
  • All threads are made of copper (does not oxidize);
  • Bag-case, for transportation with a large side pocket;
  • Convenient for use on various surfaces;
  • Length in assembled form – 88 cm;
  • Length in extended form – 160 cm;
  • Crossbars for 2 rods are purchased separately.

Video review

My review Fox qr rod pod

Fox Ranger MK2 CAMO Pod 4 Rod

Greetings to all our visitors! Today, I present a brief review of the updated Rod Pod from Fox, known as the Ranger Mk2.

The Rod Pod is packaged in a high-quality green case. Upon unpacking, we find a buzz bar in the outer pocket, designed to accommodate 4 or 3 rods, depending on the configuration. The smaller pocket contains the pod’s legs, buzz bar mounts, plastic spare parts, and latches. In the larger pocket, the Rod Pod itself is stored along with two additional long legs, which I’ll discuss later.

Moving on, assembling the buzz bar involves screwing the legs into the Rod Pod, featuring a latch for adjusting leg tilt. The telescopic nature of the legs allows installation on any surface and at any slope.

The buzz bar is secured in plastic holders on the Rod Pod using sturdy latches made of durable plastic, preventing any instability during installation. The buzz bar can be slid along the two central tubes for optimal rod positioning. Furthermore, the Rod Pod’s width is adjustable, facilitating comfortable rod placement under alarms.

For stability, the legs can be positioned at the edges or center, depending on the type of terrain you’re fishing on, be it a stone shore, concrete, or earth. All adjustments can be made on-site.

The leg latches are highly reliable and of premium quality, ensuring a trouble-free fishing experience. The inclusion of two long legs in the kit allows for the transformation of the Rod Pod into a “Sky Pod.” In this configuration, the rods stand almost vertically, making it ideal for challenging conditions like fishing over reeds or coastal vegetation.

The telescopic legs offer height and angle adjustments through the gears on the plastic holder. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different slopes depending on the bank you’re fishing from. The fully assembled Fox Ranger Mk2 Rod Pod provides a stable platform for fishing on various shores, making it a commendable model for its price.

While considering a purchase, the choice between the Fox Ranger Mk2 and the Nick Evolution arises. Despite the Nick Evolution being pricier, its quick front-end adjustment feature may be appealing, especially when dealing with large fish or lines entangled with other rods. However, the Fox Ranger Mk2, with its stationary raised legs, is deemed sufficient, and the lack of quick adjustment is considered non-critical.

In conclusion, the Fox Ranger Mk2 Rod Pod offers a combination of affordability, high quality, and popularity among anglers. I recommend it for purchase.

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