Trakker Insulated Bivvy Mat


Extremely durable wipe clean material
Insulated to stop the cold/damp rising through the mat
Keeps the bivvy groundsheet clean
Pegging point in each corner for use without a groundsheet
Supplied with carry sleeve and pegs
Dimensions: L 90cm x W 60cm



Trakker Insulated Bivvy Mat, When you think of angling, chances are you’ll think of a warm summer day, with a gentle cooling breeze in your face and the fish rolling on the surface of the water. Sadly, for the UK angler, these days are few and far between and you’re much more likely to be battling the rain and mud for your fish. This is why a bivvy mat is vital for your overnight setup, ensuring that you can keep your bivvy or your feet mud-free and dry. Trakker has gone one step further than the traditional mat and the brand has designed a bivvy mat which is perfect for the colder seasons – the Trakker Insulated Bivvy Mat.
As the name suggests, this mat has been filled with a thermal padding. Not only does this feel pleasant against your feet – providing you with a cushioned barrier against any lumps or bumps on the bankside – but it also helps to prevent cold and damp from rising up through the mat and into your bivvy. This is especially useful in the colder months, when you want to prevent the risk of condensation forming on the interior skin of your bivvy or shelter. You can either use this bivvy mat in conjunction with a groundsheet or independently of one. If you’re using it with a groundsheet, then it is the perfect place for you to store your muddy fishing boots or waders and it is ideally positioned right in the doorway of your bivvy. After all, all anglers are aware of how muddy the area immediately outside the bivvy can get – even if you’re only fishing in light rain showers – and this is heightened if you’re constantly ducking in and out of your bivvy for shelter. The last thing you want in these conditions is to be traipsing mud in and out of your bivvy and your bivvy mat can be your saving grace in these scenarios. Conversely, if you’re fishing without a groundsheet then your bivvy mat can be your only island of dry and clean inside a sea of mud. In this scenario, you’d be best to place the bivvy mat directly in front of your bedchair. This way, as you rush from your bivvy in the night to attend to your screaming bite alarm, the first thing you’ll put your feet on will be the dry and soft mat, rather than the muddy and damp earth.
Trakker isrand which is known for the high quality of its tackle production, so you won’t be surprised to hear that this bivvy mat has been manufactured from highly durable materials. This ensures that it will last as long as you do on the bank and it will stand up to the very worst of the elements. If you’re someone who is regularly out on the bank regardless of the weather then you’ll love this Trakker Insulated Bivvy Mat. The external material of the mat is completely wipe-clean, too. This is perfect for all those scenarios when you’re using the bivvy mat to keep your groundsheet clean, as it ensures that you’re able to quickly and easily clean down after use. This is ideal for the angler who likes a quick packdown as the end of their session, as it ensures that you’re able to keep the majority of your bivvy clean – leaving you with only your mat to sort out at the end of the day.
There are pegging points at each corner of the Trakker Insulated Bivvy Mat. These allow you to secure the mat in place when you’re using it without a groundsheet. Pegs come supplied with the mat as standard and the mat comes supplied in its very own carry bag for ease of transportation and storage.


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