Trakker Remote Bug Blaster


Multi-function ultraviolet mosquito killer and LED lantern
Mosquito killer and lantern can be used simultaneously or independently
Remote function for convenience while using
Lantern offers three practical brightness settings
Folding hanger conveniently packs away into lantern body
Supplied with Micro USB cable and cleaning brush
Dimensions: Approx 13.1 x 9.3cm Ø
Weight: Approx 247g
Battery: 2200mAh rechargeable
Runtime: 36 hours (mozzie) 4/8/20 hours (Lantern)



Trakker Remote Bug Blaster,
This multi-purpose remote bug blaster can be used to eradicate mosquitoes from your carp fishing shelter. Alternatively, you can use it to illuminate your shelter or camp with the 180-lumen lantern. Both functions can be used independently or simultaneously and can be activated on the main unit or at a convenient distance using the supplied remote control.
ACTIVATE REMOTE FUNCTION: Press and hold both buttons on the Bug Blaster until the lights blink. Two blinks indicate the remote function is activated; a single blink indicates the remote function has been deactivated.
LANTERN: Press the “Lantern” switch to change the lighting the mode, from 20% lighting, 50% lighting, 100% lighting to off.
MOSQUITO KILLER: Press the “Mosquito Killer” switch to turn on or off.
ABOUT CHARGING: Micro USB cable connects to the AC adapter, PC, etc., charging indicator lights turn red when input charging and turns green after full charging.
Remove plastic protection strip from remote before use
Mosquito killer mode: blue button: 1 press to turn on, 2 press to turn off
Lantern: red button: 1 press to turn on low, 2 press on medium, 3 press on high, 4 press offTrakker Remote Bug Blaster: Your Ultimate Fishing Companion
The Trakker Remote Bug Blaster is an ingenious multi-function ultraviolet mosquito killer and LED lantern designed specifically for anglers seeking both comfort and convenience during their fishing sessions. This versatile device offers dual functionality as a mosquito killer and a lantern, which can be used independently or simultaneously to create a comfortable environment for you and your fishing buddies.
The mosquito killer function utilises ultraviolet technology to attract and eliminate those pesky insects, ensuring a peaceful and mosquito-free experience in your carp fishing shelter. Meanwhile, the 180-lumen LED lantern provides ample illumination for your shelter or campsite with three practical brightness settings: 20%, 50%, and 100%. This allows you to customise the level of lighting to suit your needs, whether you’re tying rigs, preparing bait, or simply relaxing after a long day on the bank.
One of the standout features of the Trakker Remote Bug Blaster is its remote functionality, allowing you to control both the mosquito killer and the lantern from a distance for ultimate convenience. To activate the remote function, simply press and hold both buttons on the Bug Blaster until the lights blink – two blinks indicate the remote function is activated, while a single blink signifies deactivation.
The Trakker Remote Bug Blaster is easy to operate, with clearly labelled switches for the lantern and mosquito killer modes. To change the lighting mode, press the “Lantern” switch, cycling through the three brightness levels and turning off the lantern as desired. To activate or deactivate the mosquito killer, press the “Mosquito Killer” switch accordingly. The remote control also provides seamless control over these functions with dedicated buttons for each mode.
Charging the Trakker Remote Bug Blaster is a breeze, thanks to the supplied Micro USB cable. Simply connect the cable to an AC adapter, PC, or other compatible charging devices. The charging indicator lights will turn red while charging, and change to green once the battery is fully charged. The 2200mAh rechargeable battery provides impressive runtimes: 36 hours for the mosquito killer function and 4/8/20 hours for the lantern, depending on the brightness setting.
Measuring approximately 13.1 x 9.3cm in diameter and weighing just 247g, the Trakker Remote Bug Blaster is lightweight and compact, making it an ideal addition to your fishing gear. The folding hanger, which conveniently packs away into the lantern body, allows for effortless hanging inside your bivvy or shelter. The device also comes with a cleaning brush to maintain optimum performance.
The Trakker Remote Bug Blaster is a must-have for anglers who value comfort and convenience during their fishing sessions. Combining an effective mosquito killer with a versatile LED lantern and remote control functionality, this innovative device offers a perfect solution to common issues faced during nights on the bank.


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