Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 Groundsheet


Elastic and ring pegging system
Webbing finishing around edge
Logo tag to indicate door positioning
Draw string carry bag
Weight: Approx. 2kg
Dimensions: 230cm D x 250cm W
Transport Size: 45cm x 25cm
Designed to fit the Trakker Tempest Brolly 100T



Tell Me About It
Featuring an elastic and ring pegging system, with webbing edges, this durable groundsheet offers protection for your gear and clothing when the bank you’re setting up on is wet or muddy, ensuring nothing gets dirty or damp.
A groundsheet also eliminates rising damp, giving you a more comfortable time on the bank, and keeping your shelter that little bit warmer.
With a logo tag indicating the door position, the groundsheet is easy to put in place, and designed to make a real difference.
What Discipline Is It For?
Perfect for carp anglers.
Why Should I Buy It?
Anything you can do to make things a little bit more comfortable on the bank will enhance your fishing, as you won’t be feeling the effects of the weather, and will be inclined to stay out longer.
Adding a groundsheet to your brolly also keeps you from getting in trouble for getting mud in the boot of the car when you load up bags and gear that’ve been sitting on a wet bankside all day!
What’s The Best Thing About It?
Easy addition.
Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 Groundsheet
The Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 Groundsheet is a must-have accessory for anglers seeking a comfortable, dry and clean environment during their fishing sessions. Designed specifically to fit the Trakker Tempest Brolly 100T, this groundsheet provides an excellent protective layer between you, your gear, and the damp or muddy bank.
Key Features:
Elastic and ring pegging system for secure and straightforward setupWebbing finishing around the edge for added durabilityLogo tag to indicate door positioning, ensuring correct placementDrawstring carry bag for easy transport and storageWeight: Approx. 2kgDimensions: 230cm D x 250cm WTransport Size: 45cm x 25cmOne of the main advantages of the Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 Groundsheet is its elastic and ring pegging system, which allows for a quick and hassle-free setup. The webbing finishing around the edge enhances its durability, ensuring that the groundsheet withstands the wear and tear of multiple fishing trips.
The logo tag on the groundsheet serves as a helpful indicator for the door positioning, making it easy to correctly align and install the groundsheet in your Trakker Tempest Brolly 100T. The inclusion of a drawstring carry bag simplifies transportation and storage, ensuring the groundsheet remains in top condition between uses.
Weighing approximately 2kg and measuring 230cm in depth and 250cm in width, this groundsheet provides ample coverage for your fishing gear, clothing, and even a bedchair. When not in use, the groundsheet can be compactly packed into its carry bag, with a transport size of just 45cm x 25cm.
This groundsheet is ideal for carp anglers who appreciate the importance of staying comfortable during long sessions on the bank. By creating a barrier against damp and muddy conditions, the Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 Groundsheet keeps you and your gear clean, dry, and ready for action.
Moreover, using a groundsheet in your brolly not only makes for a more pleasant fishing experience but can also save you from the hassle of cleaning muddy gear at the end of a long day. Your car boot will thank you for it!
The Trakker Tempest Brolly V2 Groundsheet is an essential addition to your fishing setup, offering protection, comfort, and convenience. The elastic and ring pegging system, coupled with the logo-tagged door positioning, make for an effortless installation, allowing you to focus on what matters most – catching fish. Don’t miss out on this valuable accessory to enhance your angling experience.


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