Nash Titan Hide Heavy Duty Groundsheet


Heavy duty groundsheet for the Titan Hide
Secured quickly with elastics and eyelets
Placed around the pegging points
Extended coverage to match the floor plan of the shelter



How do you improve on the design and performance of the Nash Titan Hide? By adding the Nash Titan Hide Heavy Duty Groundsheet, and ensuring your Titan Hide stays clean, dry, and protected from damp, creepy crawlies, and all of the other variables that can take the edge off your fishing frenzy, and turn a stoked-up session into one long slog.
If you regularly fish in bleak, exposed parts of the UK, or travel to the Continent for match fishing weekends, and you’ve already fallen for the considerable charms of the Titan Hide, then this groundsheet needs to be the next addition to your angling arsenal.
Featuring extended coverage to seamlessly match the floorspace of the hide, the groundsheet is easy to secure, featuring elastic eyelets around the pegging points to ensure the perfect, effortless fit, while keeping the groundsheet flexible enough that the eyelets won’t tear or fray no matter how much foot traffic, equipment dragging, weather beating, and general bankside rough and tumble the shelter and the groundsheet have to take.
Presented in classic carp fishing green, and fully waterproof, this heavy-duty groundsheet is a stylishly functional addition to your Nash hide, and ensures that, no matter where you’re fishing you and your tackle are completely protected from the inconveniences of weather and poor bankside conditions, leaving you free to focus on the fishing, rather than how uncomfortable you feel, or how grubby your kit’s getting.
Easy to fold up to an unobtrusive, compact size, this groundsheet can tuck neatly into any load, whether you’re barrowing to the bank or carrying your gear in a rucksack. You can even leave it in the boot of the car without inconveniencing non-fishing family who might need the storage for more everyday items, so you never have the frustration of getting to a slick, churned-up, muddy bank to find you packed your bivvy, but forgot your groundsheet.


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