RidgeMonkey Escape XF1 Compact Mozzie Mesh


Zip-in replacement front panel compatible with Escape XF1 Compact
Provides protection while maintaining excellent vision and ventilation
Magnetic burst-through front
Ultra-durable mesh with reinforced pegging points
Nylon carry case included
Dimensions: H 1350mm x W 2000mm
Weight including all accessories: 0.6kg



No matter the time of year, camping out with nature always attracts the unwanted attention of bug pests. This can be considerably worse in the summer months at the bankside with mosquitos entering your shelter whilst sleeping and causing nasty bites that stay with you well after your fishing trip is over.
To combat these issues, many bivvies use mozzie meshes to keep all the bug pests out but allow the air ventilation so you can sleep in a cool, breathable space. The EscAPE XF1 Compact Mozzie Mesh is specifically designed for use with the Escape XF1 Compact Bivvy and is a replacement zip-in front panel.
The Compact Mozzie Mesh protects anglers from mosquitoes and other bugs while maintaining excellent vision and ventilation when inside your bivvy. This means you can keep an eye on your fishing rods whilst in the safety of your bug-free bivvy.
The mesh add on features a magnetic ‘burst-through’ front and reinforced pegging points. The magnetic opening and closure are easy to use when coming through the bivvy with your hands fall. It means you can push through with your gear and have the mesh doors instantly connect back up behind you.
This add on to your RidgeMonkey bivvy can be stored away in the supplied nylon carry case and weighs just 0.6kg.


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